"Let It Go" from Frozen - on Theremin!  Performed at at “The C & C Show: Spring Fling” March 21, 2014 at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles.   “The C & C Show” is a live comedy variety show created by Crissy Guerrero and Claudia Dolph.

Haunting Sounds of the Spooktacular Phantasmagorium

Fantastical Musicorium presents a bonus album of spooky moods, sounds and melodies, inspired by the “Spooky Sounds” LPs of yesteryear.  A companion to “Eban Schletter’s Witching Hour”,  Witching Hour references frequent the sonic journey through music and sound design by Eban Schletter.  Eerie spells, monster lessons, a zombie comedian and trick-or-treating goblins inhabit the freaky wonderland.  Featuring the voices of Kris McGaha, Daamen Krall, Crissy Guerrero, Traci DeNisi, Ron Lynch and Zoe & Dash McGaha-Schletter.  Plus musicians: The Section Quartet, Probyn Gregory and Jay Work.

Last night Comedy Bang Bang - The Musical premiered on IFC.  I posted this twitter challenge:  "I wrote the music for tonight’s @ComedyBangBang Musical. Spot my credit & I’ll send you one of my CDs. Screen Grab = I’ll write u a song."  

Well, five people did screen grabs so I made good on my promise.  The result is like a a weirdly specific, and silly, little EP.  Tracks appear in order of who posted their screen grab first.

If You Hear Me Playin’ George Jones 


George Jones was one of my all time favorite singers. I saw him live at the Cow Palace about 25 years ago and it was a transformative experience for me. His music got me through some dark times. Always potent, cathartic, inspirational and just plain great.

Back in 1996 I wrote this song in tribute to him. I posted it today in his memory.